Date Written


Document Type

Honors Paper

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Theatre & Dance


Christina Kirk

First Committee Member

Meredith Frey

Second Committee Member

Melissa Lusher


Femme Fatale, Acting, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Performance

Subject Categories

Acting | Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies


I performed the role of Lady Macbeth at a common hour presented to Otterbein University’s Department of Theatre and Dance students. The concept involved presenting a cut of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that highlighted the development of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship. In scripting and performing this adaptation, I sought to fully incorporate my body into my acting style and to expand and apply my knowledge of the femme fatale archetype to a well known literary character: Lady Macbeth. Another goal of this project was to determine how and if the femme fatale fits into feminist ideologies.



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