Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Honors Paper

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Actuarial Science-BS


Mathematical Sciences


Matt McMullen

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Meredith Frey

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Stephanie Patridge

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Matt McMullen


Otterbein University, Retention Rate, ACT Composite, High School Math, High School GPA, Logistic Regression

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Institutional and Historical | Multivariate Analysis | Other Applied Mathematics | Statistical Methodology | Statistical Models


Binary logistic regression was used to study the relationship between high school math course selection and retention rates at Otterbein University. Graduation rates from postsecondary institutions are low in the United States and, more specifically, at Otterbein. This study is important in helping to determine what can raise retention rates, and ultimately, graduation rates. It directs focus toward high school math course selection and what should be changed before entering a post-secondary institution. Otterbein will have a better idea of what type of students to recruit and which students may be good candidates with some extra help. Recruiting is expensive, especially when the main purpose is having a higher retention rate because it leads to more funding and a more attractive appearing school to incoming students (Siekpe & Barksdale, 2013).