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Views of Division III Athletes on Mental Health in Athletics

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Spring 4-8-2022

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Honors Paper

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Athletic Training-BS


Health & Sport Sciences


Dr. Megan Chawansky

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Dr. Joan Rocks

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Regina Prusinski


athletes, mental health, Division III, collegiate athletics, support, knowledge, stigma, qualitative, quantitative, athletic trainers

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Higher Education | Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychiatry and Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Mental health is a growing topic of interest in the media, especially as it relates to high

profile athletes. Research thus far has primarily looked at a combination of elite, Division I and Division II athletes as it relates to their experience with mental health. The previous research that has focused on Division I and II athletes in similar areas has shown a need for better education and support systems for athletes, as well as a high level of stigma still present in these populations. The current study is looking at a population of NCAA Division III athletes and their experiences with mental health relating to support, knowledge, and stigma. A quantitative survey was sent to all student-athletes at a specific university, and semi-structured interviews with a smaller sample was used in this study. Findings showed that Division III athletes have similar experiences and needs to Division I and II athletes in the fact that they also desire more educational opportunities and athletic specific resources or better resources/support in general. It was also found that those closest to athletes (i.e teammates, coaches, athletic trainers) are usually not who the athlete would use for support. This research illustrates consistent trends across all divisions of collegiate athletics and encourages further discussion on the topic to hopefully lessen associated stigma with mental health.

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