Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Spring 3-21-2022

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Honors Paper

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Dr. Robin Grote

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Dr. Robin Grote

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Dr. Jennifer Bennett

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Dr. Andrew Mills


Synthesis, Scale-Up, Oxadiazoles, Kirby-Bauer, Antibiotics

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Bacteriology | Chemical Actions and Uses | Chemicals and Drugs | Chemistry | Heterocyclic Compounds | Higher Education | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Microbiology | Organic Chemicals | Organic Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Oxadiazoles are compounds in the field of organic chemistry that have been gathering interest in the medicinal chemistry and microbiology communities for their biological properties, which range from anti-inflammatory agents, to chemotherapy drugs, to antibiotics. The synthesis of oxadiazoles can be difficult due to the expensive and complex nature of the techniques used as well as the volatile reagents and elevated temperatures that are often required in organic synthesis. The Grote lab has recently developed a new method for the synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles under mild conditions. The goals of this thesis were thus twofold: to develop a viable scale-up procedure for this novel reaction and to determine the antibacterial properties of some of the simple oxadiazoles made in the Grote lab. To determine whether these oxadiazoles possessed any viable antibacterial properties, the Kirby-Bauer disc method was utilized with E. coli, B. megaterium, and M. luteus as the bacterial representatives.

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