Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2021

Document Type

Honors Paper

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English Creative Writing-BA




Tammy Birk

First Committee Member

Tammy Birk

Second Committee Member

Jeremy Llorence

Third Committee Member

Michele Acker


Comic, Novel, Nature, Fantasy, Flowers, Graphic Novel

Subject Categories

Fiction | Higher Education | Illustration


Forgotten Things: A Historian’s Tale is a story of a post-human world where magic and creatures of lore have taken sovereignty over the land, following the adventures of Aster, a small flower elf whose job is to travel and document the residual traces of humanity. Every crumbling building, decaying record, and seemingly useless bauble of humanity tells a story, one that Aster is trying to find the conclusion to. One day, rumors start to circulate. Whispers that there might still be humans hidden away somewhere. Aster is thrilled about this, hoping that she might be able to talk with a human to understand what their lives and culture were like. But not everyone believes in truth-seeking like our protagonist, and some might even go to great lengths to keep certain things secret. The primary objective of this project is to write a publishable novel along with a partial graphic conversion to explore the differences and similarities between written and visual storytelling methods.

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