Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Spring 3-29-2021

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Honors Paper

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Dr. Michele Acker

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Dr. Michele Acker

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Dr. Cynthia Laurie-Rose

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Dr. Louise Captein


Feedback, Input, Appraisals, Goal-Setting, Satisfaction, Motivation

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Higher Education | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Psychology


In this study, I examine the effects of feedback and input on job satisfaction and motivation in a simulated online task. 106 Participants completed a puzzle in groups of 2-4 with feedback (positive/negative/none) and goal-setting (present/absent) manipulated. I predicted positive feedback would produce higher scores for satisfaction, and motivation, and lower scores for perceived workload. Similarly, I predicted that goal-setting would produce higher scores on selected scales for satisfaction, motivation, and perceived workload. These predictions were partially correct with positive feedback producing significantly higher satisfaction than negative feedback, a similar but non-significant trend for motivation, and significantly lower perceived workload than negative feedback. Regarding goal setting, participants experienced higher workload as predicted, but the satisfaction and motivation’s data were opposite to those predictions, as not setting goals produced significantly higher satisfaction and marginally higher motivation. Overall, the data for satisfaction and perceived workload partially supported my hypotheses, which indicates feedback affects online employees and is valuable for the virtual and in-person workplace.