Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Honors Paper

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Sociology, Criminology and Justice Studies


Dr. Leesa Kern

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Dr. Leesa Kern

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Dr. Michele Acker

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Dr. Deborah Solomon


Delinquency, Parental Support, Teacher/School Support, Peer Support, Significant Other Support

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Psychology | Sociology


There are many reasons why adolescents and young adults turn to delinquent behaviors, much of which result from the environment they are residing in. Copious research has been done on the effects that parent, teacher, peer, and partner relationships have on delinquency, but very little focuses on support systems as a whole. Support systems create positive or negative modeling behaviors for people to follow and individuals will allow these models to influence their own personal behavior patterns. The goal of this study is to assess how a possible change in support systems affects delinquent tendencies in a study group of college aged students. A secondary goal for this study is to offer an explanation as to why individuals turn to delinquent activities if they have a poor support system, or better yet, if they have a positive and flourishing support system.