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Honors Project


Equine Science


Dr. Sheri Birmingham

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Dr. Sheri Birmingham

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Steffanie Burk

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John Tansey


Equine, Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine, Whole-Body Vibration, Thermography

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Higher Education | Large or Food Animal and Equine Medicine


Modern horses are sophisticated athletes, which puts them at a high risk for injury. One therapy now being utilized is whole-body vibration. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of whole-body vibration on the distal forelimb and the back of the healthy horse using thermography.

Data were collected over a 30-day period. Test horses stood on the vibration plate (n=10) 3 days a week for 30-minute sessions with the plate vibrating at 30-40 Hz. The control horses (n=10) received no treatment during the study. Baseline thermographic images were taken for all horses, and post treatment images were taken for the test horses. Images were taken of the proximal aspect of the distal forelimb and the longissimus dorsi muscle over the thoracolumbar spine. Mean surface temperature of test horses before and after treatment were compared using a dependent t-test with a significance level of P