Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Honors Paper

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English Creative Writing-BA




Dr. Tammy Birk

First Committee Member

Dr. Terry Hermsen

Second Committee Member

Dr. Michele Acker


Epic Poetry, Postmodernism, Vampire in Literature, Liminality, Afterlife

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Creative Writing | Higher Education | Poetry


Leaping Streams explores the ways in which an epic poem form can be revived and repurposed to subvert traditional vampire narratives and mythology. I have experimented with writing in the genre of epic poetry, and I will highlight an unnamed, ungendered vampire protagonist. In an attempt to stretch the boundaries of the classic epic, I strayed from the typical heroic journey plot in a way that the protagonist is unaware that they are on a quest to become a different version of themselves. I also subverted the traditional epic meter in favor of free verse. Similarly, through attempting to recreate the vampire character, I imagined new ways for a vampire to manifest in society. The larger goal was to make the epic poem and the figure of the vampire more relatable and down-to-earth; which manifests as a postmodern text. Over the past two years, this project has challenged and extended me as a writer. It has produced a new, invigorating style of the epic poem as well as a refreshing dip into the mythology of the postmodern vampire.