Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

Date of Award

Spring 2015

Document Type

Honors Paper

Degree Name

Communication Studies-BA




John T. Ludlum

First Committee Member

Kerry L. Strayer

Second Committee Member

Meredith C. Frey


Employee Satisfaction, Motivation, Call Centers, Turnover, Retention, Organizational Communication

Subject Categories

Communication | Organizational Communication


Organizational communication professionals seek to improve the overall communication needs of organizations and the social interaction processes that occur within. A special focus is given to those communication processes that are aimed at improving relationships between subordinates and employees. Supervisors aim to improve the organizational life for their employees so that they have a happy, effective, and productive run in the organization. However, employees can sometimes feel dissatisfied with their jobs and factors pertaining to their life in and out of the organization. Through examining a call center on a university campus, a greater understanding of employee satisfaction, motivation, and employee turnover can be reached. By studying Otterbein University TeleFUND, specific factors of satisfaction and motivation will be identified, along with their relationship to an employee’s intention to leave the organization and overall turnover rate. Managers and leaders within organizations need to be aware of how to keep their employees motivated and satisfied, not only to prevent turnover from occurring, but also to possibly reduce or reverse the current situation within an organization that is or has experienced turnover. What causes employees to become dissatisfied? How can organizational managers and leaders work to reduce employee turnover through keeping their employees satisfied? The findings will be able to be applied to general employee satisfaction and motivation in any call center setting. In turn, suggestions for improving employee satisfaction are revealed, as well as suggestions for reducing employee turnover rates in any call center or organization that is experiencing employee turnover.