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Spring 2021

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Jacqueline Haverkamp

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Rajinder Singh

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Brandy Magnaterra


Missed Appointments, Appointment Reminders, Outpatient Testing, Productivity

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Medicine and Health Sciences


Specialized appointment reminders (SAR) via the neurodiagnostic team (NDT) reduce missed appointments (MA) for neurodiagnostic (ND) outpatient testing (OT) compared to other types of appointment reminders (AR) via the Central Scheduling department (CSD). MA have negative consequences for patients and the healthcare organization. MA interrupt the patient's continuum of care and contribute to negative outcomes in the patient's condition. MA negatively impact the healthcare organization by creating an imbalance of labor productivity due to the testing area appearing to be overstaffed. Other patients have limited access to care due to MA taking up a time slot on the schedule, which also creates lost revenue for the department and organization. MA contribute to decreased employee engagement due to physicians and staff becoming frustrated with patients not showing up for the appointment. The reasons for MA vary. Forgetfulness is a common reason.

The purpose of the project was to reduce MA at a hospital-based ND OT department by SAR. SAR were attempted to all patients scheduled for ND OT. The NDT attempted AR via phone call to provide a reminder of the appointment, establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient, and will have the ability to address any concerns, barriers, or issues that the patient may have about the appointment. Success of the project was determined by demonstrating the overall goal of reducing the percentage of MA in the ND OT department.

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