Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




John D. Chovan, PhD, DNP

First Committee Member

Barbara Cornett, PhD

Second Committee Member

Kirk Hummer, MBA, DNP


Traumatic Brain Injury, CDC Head's Up, ACE Tool Kit

Subject Categories

Critical Care Nursing | Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Nursing


The purpose of this project was to evaluate the knowledge about assessing mild traumatic brain injured patient by the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) as reflected in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Tool Kit. A descriptive cross-sectional survey research design was used to assess knowledge about the evidenced based assessment of APRNs practicing in an urgent care setting as established by the CDC for the evaluation of acute concussion. Specifically the history and physical assessment practices of the APRNs for the mild traumatic brain injured patient (MTBI) were evaluated in relationship to the CDC / ACE standards. The objective was to assess the staff of APRNs in an urgent care clinic when assessing MTBI in relation to the CDC standards. The results showed that many of the APRNs were not familiar with the ACD/ACE standards in assessing the mildly traumatic brain injured patient. The APRNs did not follow a consistent assessment tool that included standards of subtle cognitive and physical symptoms seen in the MTBI patient. Recommendations for increasing their praxis with assessing mild traumatic brain injury were made.



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