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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dr. John Chovan

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Dr. Brian Garrett

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Dr. Cindy Zellefrow


Opioids, Household Medications, Medication Disposal, Medication Safety, Muskingum County

Subject Categories

Medicine and Health Sciences


Increasing awareness and participation of proper disposal of household medications, including opioids, will not only help to decrease the opioid epidemic footprint, but potentially decreases the number of accidental overdoses in households, decrease the impact of improperly disposed medications on the environment, and decrease the amount of medication involved crime in the community. • Orthopedic patients have been identified in this mixed method project as those who are more likely to receive an opioid prescription for bone and joint pain. • A pre-survey of current medication disposal practices of healthcare workers in an orthopedic physicians practice provided a snap shot of current disposal practices. Following an educational event presented to the orthopedic office medical staff, one-month and three-month post surveys were completed. Additionally, medical staff influence was utilized as a catalyst to increase awareness of proper disposal practices to the orthopedic patients via an informational flyer. • Results of the pre and post-surveys revealed positive changes in awareness as well as participation of proper household medication disposal.



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