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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dr. Joy Shoemaker

First Committee Member

Dr. Karen Hughes

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Dr. Deb Shields


Complementary Modalities, Integrative Health, Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Nursing

Subject Categories

Medicine and Health Sciences


Background: As the public continues to embrace complementary and integrative approaches to health there is a pressing need for nurse practitioners to increase their knowledge of these modalities, building on the foundation of nursing’s historical philosophy of holism. Purpose: The purpose of this pilot project is to explore the effectiveness of a learning module in increasing knowledge of integrative modalities for nurse practitioners. The resource was made accessible on a social media site or by Quick Response (QR) code to a smart phone. An interactive learning platform ( provided access the evidence-based module titled Introduction to Holistic Nursing and Integrative Health. The content for the module was compiled from resources that are evidence-based, authored by experts. A pre-test/post-test design was used to determine the effectiveness of the module. This pilot project also uses a descriptive survey to explore nurse practitioners’ perceptions of the value of the modular resource in increasing knowledge of integrative care modalities, and the potential for additional modules. These results will inform the intent to develop the resource for future utilization by nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students. Results: Six responses were received from the learning management system meeting the inclusion criteria, indicating the pre-test, module, post-test, and survey had been completed. A comparison of the pre-test/post-test data demonstrated improved scores on all items, showing statistical significance. Due to small sample size (n=6), the results would not be able to be generalized and further evaluation is needed to determine if the module increases nurse practitioner knowledge. Discussion: Findings suggest that education in integrative health modalities may increase nurse practitioner knowledge related to safe, credible patient care.



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