Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Ruth Chavez, DNP, RN, CNP

First Committee Member

Barbara Shaffner, PhD, CNP

Second Committee Member

Barbara Nash, MS, RNC, CNS

Third Committee Member

Carolyn Campbell, MSN, FNP-BC


Entrepreneurship in nursing, Starting a healthcare clinic, Independent practice, Lack of primary care

Subject Categories

Medicine and Health Sciences


Theoretical and methodological contributions of nursing entrepreneurship and starting an independent practice within the Nurse Practitioner arena are sparse in American clinical prospectuses. The American health care system is in need of enhancement to better serve the healthcare needs of all people so there has never been a greater opportunity for NP entrepreneurial thinking and implementation of new initiatives (Marshall, 2011). Information regarding NP-led clinics is limited and NPs need to be educated on elements of successful independent healthcare ventures. The purpose of this project was to enhance interest and knowledge of starting a NP-led clinic.

A review of the literature demonstrated that entrepreneurial opportunities abound in areas that have not yet been imagined for experts in advanced practice roles. Independent practice opportunities allow NP entrepreneurs to pursue their own personal vision and desire to improve healthcare outcomes using innovative approaches. Knowledgeable NPs are needed to initiate and lead the introduction of change. Education about entrepreneurship and source of NP-led clinics is an important issue for NPs and health care consumers (Boore & Porter, 2012).

A pre and post-test survey instrument to measure the knowledge and interest of how to start a NP-led clinic was developed consisting of eleven components. An educational offering, based on Malcolm Knowles theory of adult education, was created and presented to enhance interest and knowledge of NPs in regards to starting NP-led clinics in a rural Midwestern community. Upon completion of the educational offering, NPs demonstrated enhanced knowledge, but did not express enhanced interest in starting a NP-led clinic.



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