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Spring 4-20-2022

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Distinction Paper

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Dr. Noam Shpancer

First Committee Member

Dr. Denise Hatter-Fisher

Second Committee Member

Dr. Tammy Birk


Latinx, Stigma, Memes, Mental Health

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Higher Education | Multicultural Psychology | Psychology


This study was conducted to explore the use of Internet memes as a way to address mental health stigma within the Latinx community. The study measured participants’ mental health prejudice both before and after exposure to a series of memes over a two-week span. The control group was shown memes that did not relate to mental health and the experimental group was shown mental health memes. The results were analyzed both quantitatively, for significant between group differences in posttest prejudice, and qualitatively for emerging themes in the participants’ comments on the memes. Results showed no significant decrease of stigma between the pre- and post-test. Qualitative data suggested that memes about mental health may serve to educate and engage audiences about mental health issues and topics.

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