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Spring 4-7-2021

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Distinction Paper

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Denise Hatter-Fisher

First Committee Member

Denise Hatter-Fisher

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Michele Acker

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Jim Bowling


Immigration, Asian Americans, MEIM Scale, Black Lives Matter, Ethnic Identity, Acculturation

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Higher Education | Psychology


This study examined the association between ethnic identity and support for the Black Lives Matter Movement among Asian Americans. A total of 112 Asian American participants completed measures of ethnic identity, political ideology, and support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Statistical analyses showed moderate levels of ethnic identity among the Asian American populations sampled. Also, participants’ level of ethnic identity was not significantly related to support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Still, results of this exploratory investigation magnified the complex role immigration history and experience, region of the country resided in, and acculturation strategies may collectively play in Asian Americans’ ethnic identity development and attitudes towards social justice movements, such as the Black Lives Matter Movement. Implications and suggested modifications for future research are also highlighted.