Date Written


Document Type

Distinction Paper

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Dr. Cynthia Laurie-Rose, Ph.D.

First Committee Member

Dr. Michele Acker, Ph.D.

Second Committee Member

Dr. Amanda Kline, Ph.D.


High School, Mental Workload, Mentimeter, Interactive technology

Subject Categories

Child Psychology | Educational Psychology | Human Factors Psychology


The proposed study extended the findings of Laurie-Rose and her colleagues (2017) examining workload in children. The goal of the study was to effectively use an interactive technology—Mentimeter—to assess workload. The study employed two cognitive tasks, the Symbol-Digit Substitution and the d2 test of attention to determine whether or not students can discriminate the demands of tasks with objectively different workload profiles. The study further examined the role of Executive Function with these cognitive tasks. Workload ratings were consistent with objective demands of the task, suggesting that Mentimeter may be a valuable tool to administer workload assessments in the classroom.



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