Date of Award

Spring 4-5-2015

Document Type

Distinction Paper

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Meredith Frey, PhD

First Committee Member

Cynthia Laurie-Rose, PhD


working memory, fluid intelligence, cognitive training, literature review, transfer, dual n-back, complex span

Subject Categories

Cognitive Psychology


Cognitive training is the process through which individuals perform a series of computerized tasks over a period of weeks for the purpose of improving a variety of cognitive abilities. Cognitive training is important in commercial, clinical, and educational fields alike, considering the possibilities of improving and sustaining cognitive abilities in both typically developing and cognitively deficient populations. The present review assesses cognitive training paradigms targeting working memory. Working memory is a predictor of academic achievement and is closely related to mechanisms of higher cognition. In particular, the present review focuses past studies which have investigated the effects working memory training on improved performance in fluid intelligence. In conclusion, future directions for cognitive training research are presented.