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Distinction Paper




Dr. Michael W. Hudoba, Ph.D.

First Committee Member

Dr. Daniel A. Mendelsohn, Ph.D.

Second Committee Member

Dr. Robin Grote, PhD.


ATM, Circuit, Automation, Programming, Robotics, System

Subject Categories

Computer Engineering | Digital Circuits | Engineering | Robotics


This project is based around the quality control processes used to test ATMs. Currently, a person will manually run through each function of the ATM in order to find modes of failure. As the case with all repetitive jobs, it is an unwanted task and is simple enough to be automated. The new solution I propose allows for a system of devices to operate the functions of the ATM autonomously with little to no human intervention. Additionally, this solution is more reliable when diagnosing a problem as it will eventually communicate with the ATM directly in a closed loop system via USB connection. The success of this phase of the project was defined by designing a system that will successfully operate the pre-installed demo mode on the HYOSUNG brand ATM by withdrawing cash. This thesis will describe the design of fabrication of each component of the automated robotic system. It will also present the science and engineering principles that were used to overcome each design challenge and obstacle, with ideas on how to improve certain aspects for future phases of the project. In addition to the design and fabrication challenges of this work, software integration between different microprocessors and electrical components of the system was a sizable portion of this project, including the coding required for operation. This thesis will clearly define the application of the system as well as a step-by-step operational procedure. Finally, the future revisions are outlined, accompanied by suggestions for improvements.