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Distinction Paper

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History & Political Science


Dr. Anthony DeStefanis

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Dr. Anthony DeStefanis

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Dr. Jonathan DeCoster

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Dr. Deborah Solomon


American Indian Movement, AIM, Native American women, Native American activism

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History | Other History | United States History | Women's History


Historians of the American Indian Movement (AIM) have largely ignored the contributions Native American women made to the movement. This work seeks to change the dominate narrative of the American Indian Movement and bring attention to the contributions Native American women made to the history of civil rights movements and modern feminism. This work charts the struggles Native Americans faced in the 1960s and 1970s, AIM’s activism, and the contributions Native American women made to AIM. It also examines how sexism and male dominance shaped the movement and women’s experience in the organization and how women led activism that followed the fall of AIM differed.



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