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Spring 4-13-2018

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Distinction Paper

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Dr. Michele Acker

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Stella Kane

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Dr. Meredith Meyer


Letters to Juliet, Love, Choreography, Love Letters, Romeo and Juliet, Italy, Dance, Letters

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Dance | Other Psychology


What is love? People all over the world have different stories pertaining to this phenomenon, but do the experiences in our personal lives stop us from understanding the experiences of others? Although it may be difficult to see other points of view besides, it is possible to connect to stories that are not our own. The purpose of this study is to assess how people perceive and connect to different love stories, and how these perceptions differ between those in the fine arts and those in the arts & sciences. Participants in this study will be exposed to a dance show which tells the stories of six different love experiences. Participants will then fill out a short questionnaire to document their experience and emotions. Although the show is open to the public, participants will be Otterbein University students who are psychology majors and students who are members of Theatre & Dance. I hypothesize that participants will easily identify the concepts of young love, forbidden love, long distance love, and trust. I also hypothesize that those who are involved in theatre will correctly identify the dances, while those who are not involved in theatre will be able to relate but not correctly identify.