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Distinction Paper

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Dr. Kay Ball

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Dr. Karen Hughes

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Dr. Robin E. Grote


Nursing, Diversity, Inclusion, Nursing Process, Cultural Competence

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This project endeavors to use the nursing process as a framework to assess and synthesize information around diversity and inclusion in healthcare and particularly nursing. The paper is formatted in an intentional way looking at Otterbein University as a type of ‘patient.” Using this as a model provides research and information geared towards dynamic interventions and goals. It also looks at barriers to success in higher education to recruit diverse and minority faculty members. The focus is to show how literature points to the best practices in the realm of creating an organization that is intrinsically diverse and inclusive. There is a conversation about merit and how this ideal can be detrimental in the area of creating a diverse and culturally sensitive organization. This information is synthesized, and interventions are described that are short term and long term. Short term goals are created so that change will be evident and will continue to encourage investment to reach the long-term goals.