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Distinction Paper

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Theatre & Dance


Dr. Jessie Glover & Stella Kane

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Jim Bowling


Theater, Dance, Wrestling, Women in Art, New Work

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Acting | Dance | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History



I have always believed that the best theater comes from a very real and sometimes very painful place. My parents were undergoing a brutal and very open separation and then divorce throughout my junior and senior year of high school. In the middle of the constant war zone that was our home, my brother and I would simply go from one room to the other with our heads down and as quick as possible. The only day we would linger in the living room would be Mondays. On Monday nights, my brother and I owned the living room as we would watch the three hour Monday Night RAW that is presented by the wrestling supergiant, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This would be the defining thing that my brother and I could use to escape all the pain from the divorce. Little did I know that it would effect everything I do and believe when it comes to theater as an actor, a director, a choreographer, and a writer.



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