Date of Award

Spring 4-7-2017

Document Type

Distinction Paper

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Middle Childhood Education-BSE




Dr. Paul Wendel

First Committee Member

Dr. Terry Hermsen

Second Committee Member

Dr. Norman Chaney

Third Committee Member

Prof. James Bowling


Hero, Literature, Society, Ages, Warrior, Conquer

Subject Categories

Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture | History of Philosophy | Medieval Studies | Modern Literature


The Literary character has always existed, and I intend to show how he or she has changed the times, and, in turn, been changed by the times. Literature is a powerful force of culture and morality, liberalism and conservatism, engines of fate, and forces of chaos. As each era has its own values, so each character reflects those values (and might even go against some in order to convey the authors’ understanding of them). The characters, if powerful enough, often cause social change, defining major thoughts of various eras. Literature can both define a period, but can also be the force that ends it. As stated above, literature gets at the heart of what humanity is, and serves to tell their views in a way that everyone can hear it. Not every Literary Hero is an everyman character, but every Literary Hero is symbolic of what his or her writers believes. The Literary Hero is the scale in which humanity weighs itself.