Aqua Cinema

Phillip Kall, Otterbein University
Brenton Meininger, Otterbein University
Trevor Kujawski, Otterbein University


Our group aimed to construct a portable cinema screen with strong foundation for the Jaycee Pool in Westerville using community donated funds and light weather durable materials which will result in a 10' x 8' Screen. Materials will be purchased through Lowes with a discount from our fellow classmate Heather. Our group decided on a basic design for the projector screen. Next, we consulted with experienced professionals in order to fine tune and make adjustments to make the screen portable, cost efficient, and easier to construct. Finally, we prepped materials went to the pool and built the screen. Everything went along smoothly and close to the way we planned. The communication we used within our group and with Joy made the project transition in a quick controlled pace and allowed for quick adjustments to be made when needed. This project was a definite success as evidenced by the projector screen itself. Now, the pool can host its movie nights out door over the summer and that will be carried on for years to come. Our project has produced a projector screen that can be used for movie nights in the summer for both parents and kids to enjoy the pool. This could not have been done without the constant flow of communication amongst our group and Joy as well as the understanding that adjustments would be made and making those adjustments in a timely manner.