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Distinction Paper

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Business Administration-BA


Business, Accounting, & Economics


Dr. Michael Levin

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Dr. Candy Sikes

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Dr. Meredith Meyer


Case study, Retail management, Business to Business, Family business, Derived demand

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations


The decisions that businesses are facing are all similar, regardless of industry. But these decisions are felt more strongly in small businesses. The Case study of Outstanding Store Fixtures (OSF) is a decision based case that allows students the opportunity to dive into the decision making process for a small business. This case and teaching note focus on the real decisions that small, family owned businesses face every day. The details of the case will target the decision making process, allowing the reader to arrive at what they feel is the best possible solution. While the case focuses on the decision making process that retail management faces, the reader must place themselves in the position of the business owner, at the crossroads of their business, and to see the possible solutions. The reader will need to determine what solutions make the most sense for the business, taking into consideration both short term and long term costs associated, as well as external and internal risks associated. The reader must face these decisions and be able to defend the logic behind them. The teaching note helps the leader guide the reader along this decision making process, providing a more in-depth look at the information provided for the decision making.