Date Written


Document Type

Distinction Paper

Degree Name

Allied Health-BS


Health & Sport Sciences

First Committee Member

Robert Braun

Second Committee Member

Shelley Payne


Community, Garden, Food Insecurity

Subject Categories

Environmental Public Health | Food Security | Public Health Education and Promotion


Due to increasing food insecurity and food deserts, community gardens can increase the accessibility for those under-served populations. These community gardens can help with the mental and physical health of the public. The goal of this research is to determine if a community garden will benefit a smaller community like that of a suburban Township and to use these trends to increase community health education and availability, social cohesion, and overall health behaviors and practices. A survey evaluated overall consumption of fruits and vegetables, affordability of healthy foods, and education on the consumption of these foods as well as assessing how the community garden affected the participant’s family. Demographics were obtained in hopes that those who attended would be a representative sample of the overall demographics of the township. To assess the results, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) v. 20 was used. Through an extensive literature review and survey assessment of Blendon Township, the results indicated this community needed a community garden. This was due in part to its proximity to Columbus and its suburban setting.



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