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Fall 11-28-2022

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Distinction Paper

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Cynthia Laurie-Rose

First Committee Member

Meredith Frey

Second Committee Member

Jennifer Merkowitz


Mental Workload, NASA-TLX, Children, Cognitive Task, Discrimination Task


The purpose of the present study was to examine whether children could successfully perform a cognitive task delivered online and whether they could evaluate the mental workload following performance of those tasks. Children performed two online discrimination tasks in which they matched one of four shapes to a sample shape by clicking on the correct shape on a computer screen. Children completed two separate blocks of trials: an easy block in which the stimulus appeared on the screen for 7 seconds, and a harder block, in which the stimulus duration was 2.5 seconds. Following each block of trials, children evaluated their workload using the NASA-TLX. Children’s performance in the matching task suggests that online delivery does not negatively affect their ability to complete simple discrimination tasks. Children’s workload estimates were less conclusive. I offer recommendations for future research to examine workload in an online setting.

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