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Spring 3-4-2016

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Early Childhood Education-BSE




Susan Constable

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Susan Constable

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Dee Knoblauch

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Clare Kilbane


Reading Recovery, Record of Oral Language, Reading Development, Oral Language, English Language Learners

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The purpose of this study is to explore the connection between oral language development and successful discontinuation from Reading Recovery. Previous studies have confirmed the relationship between oral language and early reading success but have failed to examine if there is a relationship between improving oral language and Reading Recovery outcomes. The study will take place by examining Record of Oral Language scores at the beginning and end of a child’s Reading Recovery program along with a child’s end of program status of discontinued, recommended, incomplete, or none of the above. Participants include Reading Recovery students in a suburban central Ohio school district during the 2015-2016 school year. Based on the results of this study, determining a relationship will help refine the selection process for Reading Recovery and determine the amount of time and focus that Reading Recovery teachers put on oral language within Reading Recovery lessons.

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