Date Written

Spring 2015

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Music Education-BME




Sunhwa Jung, PhD

First Committee Member

Sunhwa Jung, PhD

Second Committee Member

Kristin Reninger, PhD

Third Committee Member

Sue Constable, PhD

Subject Categories

Education | Special Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of implementing function-based intervention to decrease the off-task behaviors of a 6th grade student with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in a large music classroom. By conducting a functional behavior assessment, the triggering antecedents and consequences maintaining the unwanted behavior were examined and the function of the behavior was identified. Following, a function-based intervention plan was implemented to minimize antecedents, teach replacement behavior, and decrease consequences maintaining the target behavior. Data were collected and analyzed during baseline and intervention phase using direct observation. Results indicated that function-based intervention was successful in reducing off-task behavior in the large classroom setting and social validity results concluded that both parents and the participant were satisfied with the outcomes of the study.



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