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Otterbein 28 vs Adrian College 13

November 20, 1948

Memorial Stadium, Westerville, Ohio

Time: 14:34 Type: color Program: No

Schools: Otterbein University is a private university in Westerville, Ohio. The university was founded in 1847 by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ and named for United Brethren founder the Rev. Philip William Otterbein. After the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church, in 1968, Otterbein has been associated with the United Methodist Church. Colors: Tan and Cardinal. Mascot: Cardinals

Adrian College is a private liberal arts college in Adrian, Michigan, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The college’s origin was as a theological institute founded by Wesleyan Methodists at Leoni, Michigan, in 1845. This institution merged with Leoni Seminary, another Methodist school, in 1855 to form Michigan Union College. In 1859, that institution closed and its assets were transferred to. Adrian. The college was chartered by the Michigan Legislature on March 28, 1859. In the early stages of the Civil War the college volunteered itself as a base for the formation of Michigan regiments for the Union side. Colors: Black & Gold; Mascot: Bulldogs (The school’s athletic teams were originally called the “canary and black,” the original school colors. In 1926, after a tenacious performance against inter-state opponent Michigan A&M (now Michigan State), the student paper referred to their football team as playing like bulldogs. Shortly thereafter the mascot was adopted for all school sports teams.)

Pio, Chris, Gryphons, Gorlois and Gusties: A History of NCAA Division III Nicknames and Mascots, Privately Published, Las Vegas, NV, 2021, p. 2.

Coaches: Otterbein – George W. Novotny (OSU ‘38) Novotny played tackle for Ohio State during his undergraduate career, graduating in 1938. He came to Otterbein shortly thereafter as assistant football coach. In 1939 Novotny became head coach at Lima Central High School before joining the Navy in 1942, rising to the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.), seeing action in both the European and Pacific Theaters during World War II. Following the war Novotny took over the head coaching duties at Otterbein in 1946. The Cardinals went 8-1 that year, with their only defeat coming at West Virginia University 13-6. Novotny’s tenure lasted until his resignation in 1950. He went on to become the athletic and recreation director for North American Aviation in Columbus and was also a member of the Westerville School Board.

Adrian – Lyman E. Abbott (March 1, 1912 – January 17, 1981, Adrian, Michigan) was the head football coach at Adrian College for four seasons, from 1946 to 1949, compiling a record of 12–20–1. Abbott was also the head basketball coach from 1946 to 1950, tallying a mark of 21–63.



This was the first meeting between the two schools. Otterbein is wearing Tan and Cardinal while Adrian is wearing black and gold. For more game details see the Columbus Dispatch articles linked to this page.


“Otters Close Season With Adrian Game,” Columbus Evening Dispatch, November 18, 1948, pg. 24A.

“Denison Grid Stars Impress Capital Most,” (ALL-OAC Team), Columbus Evening Dispatch, November 20, 1948, pg. 6.

Dohn, Norm, “Otterbein Winner Over Adrian 28-13,” Columbus Sunday Dispatch, November 21, 1948, pg. 3D.

Game Date


Game Score

Otterbein 28 - Adrian 13


Otterbein – George W. Novotny (OSU ‘38)

Adrian – Lyman E. Abbott

Game Location

Memorial Stadium, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio


This was the first meeting between the two schools. Otterbein is wearing Tan and Cardinal while Adrian is wearing black and gold. For more game details see the Columbus Dispatch articles linked to this page.

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Game Film #4, Reel #2

Film Time

14:34 minutes (Color)


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1948 Otterbein College (28) vs. Adrian College (13) Football Film