Dance 2022: Find Me in the Shadows

Dance 2022: Find Me in the Shadows


Streaming Media


Emily Baggarly

Performance Dates

November 17-20, 2022

Creative Team

Conceived by Emily Baggarly

Artistic Direction by Stella Hiatt Kane

Choreographed by Stella Hiatt Kane, Rachel Allen, Emily Baggarly, Daniel Keeling Brittany Koscinski, Kate Maniuszko, Victoria Mesa, Hannah Schmidt, Dean Yurecka

Scenic Design by Isaac Ramsey

Lighting Design by Luca Fragiotta, Sage Wuertzer, T.J. Gerckens

Costume Design by Rebecca White, Kate Larson

Hair & Makeup Design by Cassie Perlatti

Sound Design by Kitty Mader

Stage Managed by Sarah Short


An Original Dance Concert Conceived by senior, Emily Baggarly, Find Me in the Shadows is a murder mystery, using shadows and silhouettes to show what we tell and what we keep hidden.

Dance 2022: Find Me in the Shadows