The 2022 Classroom Project: Land of Ours


The 2022 Classroom Project: Land of Ours


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Performance Dates

Winter 2022

Creative Team

Collaboratively Devised in Rehearsal by:

Addison Chapman, Jenna Davies, Nate Dirksen, Kora Duvall, Luca Fragiotta, Jack Giglia, Jessie Glover, David Graves, Emma Rose Johnson, Matthew Knerr, John Michael McCall, Jessica Noal, Taylor Reister, Hannah Schmidt, Michelle Silva, Isaac Steiger, Tiffany Stone, Anna Wehrmann, Emylie Winesette

Artistic Staff


Scenic Designer MATTHEW KNERR (‘24)

Lighting Director ANNA WEHRMANN (‘23)

Associate Director MICHELLE SILVA (‘22)

Costume Creators ADDISON CHAPMAN (‘23), TIFFANY STONE (‘23)

Sound Designer JENNA DAVIES (‘24)

Stage Manager LUCA FRAGIOTTA (‘24)


LAND OF OURS is a brand-new play devised in rehearsal by an ensemble of Otterbein University actors, designers, stage managers, and directors. The play explores the centrality of travel and journeying to human experience. Drawing on the ensemble's personal experiences, stories of mythical travel from legend and folklore, and travel explorations invented in rehearsal, LAND OF OURS is a theatrical journey that will transport you beyond the theater walls to a destination of the imagination.


Acting | Dance | Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Performance Studies | Playwriting | Theatre History


Theatre, Dance, Acting, Singing, Musical, Devised, Original Work, Mythology, Travel, Airport

The 2022 Classroom Project: Land of Ours