A Lie of the Mind

A Lie of the Mind


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Sam Sheperd

Performance Dates

Fall 2021

Creative Team

Directed by Melissa Lusher

Scenic Design by Dan Gray

Lighting Design by Sage Wuertzer (‘23)

Costume Design by Addie Richmond (‘23)

Sound Design by Kitty Mader (‘22)

Stage Managed by Avery Lynn Barrett (‘22)


Sam Shepherd, a mastermind of dark humor and powerful drama, out does himself with this story of two dysfunctional families joined by marriage in the American West, each trying to hold on to the ideal picture of stability without ever having experienced it. Jake believes he may have killed his wife, Beth, during a domestic dispute and, to calm his concerns, his brother Frankie attempts to get the real story by traveling to Beth’s family home in Montana. While he is relieved to see Beth alive, though severely injured from the incident, Frankie is suddenly entangled in a bizarre familial web of jealousy, love, and revenge. There are always two sides of the story, and sometimes, our minds prevent us from choosing the one of truth.


Acting | Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Performance Studies | Playwriting | Theatre History


Theatre, Acting, Drama, Shepard, Dark, Gritty

A Lie of the Mind

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