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Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Performance Dates

February 13-16 & 20-22, 2020

Creative Team

Directed by…………..….Mark Mineart

Scenic Design by……. …Kailey Miller

Costume Design by…… Rebecca White

Lighting Design by……. Kyle Krygielski

Sound Design by ………Ethan Brown

Stage Managed by ……..Mary Nonno


The London gossip scene is buzzing. Masquerading behind the veneer of polite society, malicious prattlers trade gossip like gamblers and ruin reputations for sport. As much as we are all familiar with reports of lies, rumors, backhanded comments, and fake-news, this is 1777 England, and the newspaper industry is just getting started. Two brothers are tested for their trustworthiness by their wealthy uncle amidst a myriad of hilarious twists and subplots involving a crazy cast of characters including Lady Teazle, Lady Sneerwell, Surface, Backbite, Snake, and more. In what is often considered one of the best comedy of manners plays, deception is rampant, but virtue is still supreme.


Acting | Arts and Humanities | Performance Studies


College Theatre, Otterbein University Theatre, Musical Theatre, Drama

The School for Scandal

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