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George Tabori

Performance Dates

December 7-10, 1966

Creative Team

Director - Richard Lorenzen

Technical Director - Fred Thayer


Brecht on Brecht is not a play; it is more a portrait of Bertolt Brecht, made up from selected writings by the playwright-poet. In 1963, George Tabori assembled poems and selections from plays and arranged them in a thematic order to resemble Brecht's own life experiences. This was essentially the script for Brecht on Brecht. The response to the initial performance at the Theatre de Lys was overwhelming, and the "live" anthology of Brecht's work was one of the most impressive presentations in New York that Season.

Specifically, the script gathers together Brecht's slashing criticism of man's inhumanities to his fellow man, his concerned questioning of man's reluctance to become involved in and play an important role in the shaping of his own destiny, and his own witty and sarcastic efforts to awaken man to the evils of non-participation. Brecht's philosophies, his humor, and his works are compelling forces in a world of inactivity. We can laugh at his jokes, fear the unknown, and perhaps be jolted into a keener awareness of how we alone are responsible for our happiness, our success, and our future as men. Brecht on Brecht is designed to ask question and to challenge our thinking, but it is up to us to take action.


Acting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


College Theater, Otterbein University Theater, Drama

Brecht on Brecht

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