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Valentine Kataev

Performance Dates

February 28, 1959

Creative Team

Director - Ralph Bender

Set Designer and Production Supervisor - Professor Charles Dodrill


A hilarious Comedy from Soviet Russia about two mismated couples who are obliged to live in a single room because of the acute housing shortage. Each of the girls turns her half of the room into a symbol of her own mind. On one side is the Spartan bareness of an earnest Communist; on the other, the comforts of the bourgeois. But the husbands do not feel at ease in their halves, each hankering for the woman and atmosphere on the other side. This basic story, with incidents that make it one continuous laugh, is not without its serious implications. The young people discuss and apply in action Soviet notions about relations between the sexes.


Acting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Otterbein Theatre, Performing Arts, College Theater

Squaring the Circle

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