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Rudolph Besier

Performance Dates

March 1, 1958

Creative Team

Director................................Joyce Bigham

Technical Director................Tom Lehman


The scene is Elizabeth Barrett's room. Here she lives with her father, sisters and brothers. Never too healthy, she has been kept prisoner by her domineering father, who rules his family with unbelievable severity. Her brothers and sisters are reconciled to their father's tyranny, but Elizabeth has in her a spark of rebellion. This is set off by the romantic young Robert Browning, who has known her through her poetry. He bursts upon the Barrett household and in the first scene with Elizabeth proclaims his deep love for her. When Elizabeth realizes that she is attracted to the young poet, the world becomes a different place. She sees that her father's solicitude is mere selfishness and that she need not look forward to an invalid's life, deprived of all natural love and happiness. Robert inspires her with a desire to get away. His zest for life and devotion to Elizabeth bring the young woman to the point where she is ready to marry him and run away to Italy. Her father tries to keep her with him, but nothing prevails, and the lovers leave Wimpole Street to embark on their life together.


Acting | Dance | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Otterbein Theatre, Performing Arts, College Theater

Barretts of Wimpole Street

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