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Victorien Sardou translated by J. Palgrave Simpson

Performance Dates

June 12, 1918

Creative Team

Director................................Charles A. Fritz

Business Manager...............Kenneth Arnold

Property Manager................Dale Hutson


Prosper and Clarisse, former lovers, have been forced by circumstances to part. Clarisse marries Vanhove, and three years later Prosper returns to court Clarisse's sister Marthe, who loves Paul, a young student. Prosper learns that Clarisse's last letter to him has remained for three years under the statue that the lovers had used as a mailbox. To Clarissé s horror, Prosper obtains the letter. Accompanied by her friend Suzanne, she goes to see Prosper in an attempt to get it back. Vanhove unexpectedly arrives, and though initially suspicious, he decides that it is Suzanne who has come to see Prosper. At Suzanne's urging, Prosper burns the letter, but a scrap blows into the street just as Vanhove is passing by with M. Thirion, Paul's tutor, who uses it to wrap an insect specimen.

Later, Paul unknowingly uses the scrap of paper to scribble a hurried note to Marthe, a note that is mistakenly given to Mme. Thirion while everyone is dining at the Vanhove home. After some confusion, Prosper, who has meanwhile transferred his affections to Suzanne, manages to convince Vanhove that Suzanne had always been the object of his passion. This leaves the way open for the marriage of Marthe and Paul.


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A Scrap of Paper

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