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A. E. W. Mason

Performance Dates

June 11, 1919

Creative Team

Director................................Charles A. Fritz

Business Manager...............Wm. R. Evans

Property Managers..............Lyman J. Wood & Russell Palmer


Deals with the custom whereby an elder sister is compelled to wear green stockings at the wedding of a younger sister, provided she herself happens to be unmarried or unbetrothed. After having worn the hated stockings twice, Celia Faraday rebels when the time approaches for her to wear them a third time. She therefore invents a sweetheart of the name of Smith, and excuses his non-appearance by saying that immediately after she has become engaged he was obliged to sail for the war in South Africa. The surprise of her sisters forces her into details of supposed fact which have to be manufactured at short notice. She is even induced to write a letter to him, and though she subsequently thinks she has destroyed it, it is mailed bv her younger sister. The strange thing is that the name she thought was purely fictious is borne bv an officer in the armv, who receives the letter, and turns up under an assumed name shortly after the publication of the death notice. His interview with Celia results in a series of amusing situations that terminate happily. A comedy of unalloyed delight.


Acting | Dance | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Otterbein Theatre, Performing Arts, College Theater

Green Stockings

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