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Theory of Hadrons and Light-Front QCD


World Scientific Publishing Company


Light-Cone, Gauge Field, Boundary Conditions


Light-cone quantization of (3+1)-dimensional electrodynamics is discussed, using discretization as an infrared regulator and paying careful attention to the interplay between gauge choice and boundary conditions. In the zero longitudinal momentum sector of the theory a general gauge fixing is performed and the corresponding relations that determine the constrained modes of the gauge field are obtained. The constraints are solved perturbatively and the structure of the theory is studied to lowest nontrivial order.

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Robertson, D.G. (1994). Light-Cone Quantization of Electrodynamics. In Stanislaw D. Glazek. River Edge. Theory of Hadrons and Light-Front QCD: Proceedings. Paper presented at 4th International Workshop on Light Cone Quantization and Non-Perturbative Dynamics, Polana Zgorzelisko, Poland, 15-25 Aug 1994. e-Print: hep-th/9410240


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