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Neutrino Mass, Dark Matter, Gravitational Waves, Monopole Condensation, and Light Cone Quantization


Plenum Press


Vacuum, Light-Cone Field Theory, Light-Cone Quantization, Hamiltonians, Hilbert Space


This is an overview of the problem of the vacuum in light-cone field theory, stressing its close connection to other puzzles regarding light-cone quantization. I explain the sense in which the light-cone vacuum is ``trivial,'' and describe a way of setting up a quantum field theory on null planes so that it is equivalent to the usual equal-time formulation. This construction is quite helpful in resolving the puzzling aspects of the light-cone formalism. It furthermore allows the extraction of effective Hamiltonians that incorporate vacuum physics, but that act in a Hilbert space in which the vacuum state is simple. The discussion is fairly informal, and focuses mainly on the conceptual issues.

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Neutrino mass, dark matter, gravitational waves, monopole condensation, and light cone quantization. Proceedings, International Conference, Orbis Scientiae 1996, Miami Beach, USA, January 25-28, 1996 - Kursunoglu, B.N. et al. New York, USA: Plenum (1996) 396 p


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