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SIGCSE Bulletin (Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education)




Inside/out Pedagogy, CS1, CS2, Control Structure Diagrams, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Formal Specifications


We have recognized that the natural tendency to teach according to the structure of one’s own understanding runs contrary to established models of cognitive development. Bloom’s Taxonomy has provided a basis for establishing a more efficacious pedagogy. Emphasizing a hierarchical progression of skill sets and gradual learning through example, our approach advocates teaching software development from the inside/out rather than beginning with either console apps or monolithic designs.

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Buck, Duane, and David J. Stucki. "Design Early Considered Harmful: Graduated Exposure To Complexity And Structure Based On Levels Of Cognitive Development." SIGCSE Bulletin (Association For Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group On Computer Science Education) (2000): 75-79.




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