Otterbein China Librarians Exchange Program

Otterbein China Librarians Exchange Program

Since 2006, the Courtright Memorial Library has established exchange relationships with Shanghai Jiaotong University (one of the top five universities in China) and Southwest Jiaotong University (one of the top 50 universities in China). The exchange program has allowed the visiting librarians from Otterbein and China to network with library faculty and staff. It offers them a venue for sharing their experiences and best practices through meetings, lectures, and presentations. The program aims to help integrate international and intercultural experiences and perspectives into librarians' teaching, research and creativity, and services. As of June 2022, when the program concludes, we have received eleven exchange librarians from China. We have also sent five librarians on six trips to China.

The visiting librarians' learning goals were met through a variety of activities, such as having meetings with the library director and staff; observing workflows in all library departments like technical services, reference desks, and library instruction sessions; participating in the library's departmental meetings and attending campus seminars and activities as guests. Additionally, hosting libraries provided coffee breaks and lunches with the librarians and library staff to provide more interaction, connection, and networking opportunities. Participated libraries also arranged visits to other libraries and library organizations, cultural outings, and recreational activities in other parts of the state.

The increasing effects of globalization on societies and institutions everywhere and the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world mean that librarians need to have a global perspective to best serve their users. In addition, the internationalization of higher education has called for radical changes in library services and outreach. The library exchange program between the two libraries in China not only benefits the library but also has served as a bridge for other international programs and relationships for Otterbein, like the panda base internship program for Zoo and Conservation majors and more international students attending Otterbein because of the connections.


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