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IFLA World Library and Information Congress Annual Conference


The International Federation of Library Associations


Asian Students, Transformative Learning Support, Teaching Strategies, Academic Challenges, Library Support


According to the Open Doors 2014/15 Report, the number of international students in the United States increased by 10% to a record high of 974,926 students, with the largest percentage coming from Asia.

This presentation shares the results of a research study focused on providing pedagogical insights to instruction librarians and faculty members working with international Asian students. The data sources were a demographic survey for the Asian students, two semi-structured interviews conducted for the Asian students and the instructors who teach classes with Asian students, and a First-Year-Experience (FYS) class as a focus group to explore effective teaching methodologies and strategies for these students. The data reviewed areas like their positive and negative classroom practices, perceptions of the way American faculty and students perceived Asian international students, Asian students’ perceptions of American students and faculty, their current and past academic and library experiences, and their social-cultural experiences on campus. The presentation is to cover how social, cultural, language, and educational differences contribute to academic struggles for Asian students, how the instructor can design a culturally sensitive classroom, and how collaboration between the academic and service departments can help to improve Asian students’ educational and social experiences on campus.

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