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Journal of American College of Health


Taylor & Francis


Football, Managers, Division I, Physical Activity, Step Measurement


Objective: Student football managers have demands on their time that may pose barriers Received 5 April 2018 to meeting recommended current physical activity (PA) guidelines. The study sought to assess the amount of PA obtained by student football managers at a NCAA Division I Football university. Participants: Subjects were student football managers (n¼14) with data collected in the fall 2015. Methods: Participants wore an Omron HJ-720ITFFP pedometer for seven consecutive days during football activities only, while self-reporting their overall PA on day 7. Measures were analyzed using repeated measures and mixed-design Athletics; epidemiology; ANOVAs. Results: Managers averaged 8474 steps/day for each practice/game. All PA health education; measures significantly varied by day and manager experience. Overall PA equated to physical activity 78 hours of walking. Conclusions: Student football managers easily met and surpassed the recommended aerobic health-enhancing PA guideline. While their manager-related PA was 140 minutes per week, other PA allowed them to easily reach significantly healthy levels of PA.

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Eugene C. Fitzhugh, Robin Hardin, William Boyer, Emily Post & Zach Behnke (2019) Health-enhancing physical activity during practice among student football managers at a Division I university, Journal of American College Health, 67:7, 647-653, DOI: 10.1080/07448481.2018.149965



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