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Spring 4-30-2015


"Irish Enough?" is an essay collection that primarily describes my travels to Ireland. Before leaving America, I was overwhelmed with the prospect that I would be touring the country for eleven days, exploring where my great-grandparents came from, and essentially journeying to “the homeland” (as my family referred to it at a wedding, months later). Through the collection I explore not only what it is like to travel through Ireland as an outsider, but also the expectations and realities of being an American with Irish heritage “returning” to Ireland. The collection tackles questions, such as “Why does our society romanticize traveling abroad, especially in Europe?” or “What does it mean to be a tourist?” Furthermore, I wanted my travel narratives to be accompanied by a recollection of moments spent with my grandmother, Meme, who has taught me Irish culture and superstition. In order to tell of my experiences abroad, I had to tell my family’s history, first.



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