Diversity and Inclusion Committee Documents

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Diversity, Inclusion, Community, Student Success, Academic Affairs, Enrollment, Underrepresented


Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education | Humane Education | Inequality and Stratification | Race and Ethnicity


Otterbein recognizes that in order to live up to the standards of inclusion and diversity that were present at our founding and throughout our history, we must be strategic, deliberate and diligent in our efforts to actualize a diverse and inclusive community. Simply hoping for the best will not suffice.

This multi-year Plan for Diversity and Inclusion is the framework to actualize a diverse and inclusive community. The Plan is a series of strategies and recommendations for the Otterbein community which, when fully implemented, will significantly enhance the sense of diversity and inclusion in our community. Chief among these strategies is to engage the Otterbein community in an ongoing, never ending dialogue about what it means to be citizens of a diverse and inclusive community.



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