The Lucinda Lenore Merriss Cornell Diaries

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The 1863 diary of Lucinda Merriss features largely her life at home with family and with friends. This year also includes either poems or songs at the start along with some recipes and family records for the extended family. It includes several deaths of known people, along with mention of a birth and a marriage. Notable dates include:

March 25: A trip to Westerville where she speaks with a John Cornell on the 27th.

April 21: Joseph Godown, a soldier of the 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry was brought home from Louisiana and buried on the 22nd.

July 4: Union Church picnic.

July 14: Southern troops invade Cincinnati.

July 15: Marshall Law declared in Columbus.

August 2: Sister Julia dies.

August 15: Nephew Stanton dies.

August 30: Funeral for Charley Peaton, another Civil War soldier who died at Vicksburg, VA.

September 27: First message given by new pastor Ed Heagler.

October 14: Another soldier who died at Vicksburg, J.H. Brackenridge is buried.

December 16: Traveled to Illinois to visit family.

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